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Our Tracks are designed especially for Beginners, that is why we don't have special prerequisites (except AWS) for our Tracks


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Instructors have experience of more than 10 years in their fields & complete grip in their skills


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We nourish a student with extensive care and help them to start their own Successful Career or start a Startup & be an Entrepreneur

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Duration 2 months

Amazon Web Services Certifications

You'll Learn

AWS Platform Console, Foundational Services (EC2, VPC, S3, EBS), IAM, Databases, (DynamoDB and RDS), Management Tools (AutoScaling, CloudWatch, ELB, Trusted Advisor)

Instructor Kashif Javed
Class Duration 4 Hours

Class Schedules

Morning – Sat 10:00 AM
Evening – Sun 2:00 PM
Duration 8 months

Game Development with Unity

You'll Learn

Programming Basics, Physics and Game Logics, Game Scripting in C#, Level & Environment Design, Shaders and Materials, Physics Simulation, AI Pathfinding, Game Audio, Lighting and Light Baking and Animation

Instructor Hammad Asif
Class Duration 1.5 Hours

Class Schedules

Morning – Mon & Wed 12:45 PM
Evening – Tue & Thu 2:30 PM
Duration 6 months

Multimedia and 3D Animation using Blender

You'll Learn

3D Modelling and Sculpting, Character Animation, Interior Designing, Architectural Visualizations, Lighting and Shading, Texture Painting, Game Asset Creation and Compositing

Instructor Hammad Asif
Class Duration 1.5 Hours

Class Schedules

Morning – Tue & Thu 12:45 PM
Evening – Mon & Wed 2:30 PM
Duration 6 months

Android Mobile Application Development using Kotlin

You'll Learn

Problem Solving, Programming Basics, Kotlin, Android Studio, App Development Basics, Designing UI and Layouts Building, Database Management, Connection with External Data using Rest APIs and Firebase Services

Instructor Hammad Asif
Class Duration 1.5 Hours

Class Schedules

Morning – Mon & Wed 11:00 AM
Evening – Tue & Thu 4:15 PM
Duration 3 months

Digital Photography and Imaging

You'll Learn

Cameras, Lenses, Shutters, Aperture and Their Relationships, Exposure and Metering, The Film and Digital Process, Colors, Lighting, How To Take Better Photos, Equipment & Software, Retouching, Resolution and Printing, Studio Management, Genres and Portfolios, Photo Agents

Instructor Ahsan Ali Shahid
Class Duration 4 Hours

Class Schedules

Morning – Sun 10:00 AM
Evening – Sat 2:00 PM

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