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Full Stack JavaScript Development

You'll Learn

TypeScript, JavaScript, NoSQL DB i.e. MongoDB, Relational DB i.e. MySQL, Express.js, Vue.js, Node.js, Package Managers (yarn, npm & pnpm), SCSS, Bootstrap 4, Flex, Cross-platform Mobile Applications using Cordova, Rest APIs, Desktop Applications using Electron.js

Course Outline
Introduction to Computing and Networks

  • Computer Basics
  • Software Basics
  • Networking Basics

Introduction to Problem Solving

  • Math Logical Problems
  • Increase Research Powers
  • How to find solution to any problem?
  • Learning Problem solving with Fun Activities
  • Intellectual Thinking
  • Using Scratch Application to develop small fun games/applications

Data Structures and Logics

  • Data Types and Information System
  • Data Structures
  • Data and Information
  • Database Systems and Types of Databases
  • Relational & Non-Relational Database

Fundamentals of Programming

  • Understanding basic of Programming
  • Compilation and Interpretation
  • How CPU understand our instructions

Starting with IDE and Compilation Engine

  • Installing visual Studio Code
  • Boosting VS Code with Powerful Extensions
  • Customizing VS Code

Introduction to Web Front End

  • HTML Basics
  • Styling Basics
  • Document Object Model – DOM
  • Understanding Browsers
  • Get Going with Bootstrap 4

Styling with Programming – SCSS

  • SCSS Basics
  • Variables
  • Mixins
  • Modularazing SCSS Importing

Basics of JavaScript

  • Syntax of JavaScript
  • Primitive Data Types
  • Operators and Conditions
  • Data Iteration
  • Flow of Programming
  • Variables and Constants
  • Coding JavaScript for Browsers
  • Basic Arithmetic Operations
  • Functional Programming in JavaScript
  • Objects and Arrays
  • Global and Local Function Scope

Advanced JavaScript

  • Prototyping
  • Event System in JavaScript
  • Understanding Scopes in JavaScript
  • 'this' keyword in JavaScript
  • Callback System and Avoiding Callback Hell

JavaScript – outside of Browsers

  • Installation of Node.js
  • Running your JS code in System Terminal
  • Advanced Event-Blocking System in JavaScript
  • Handling External Data
  • Fetching Data from External REST APIs
  • Handling data from File-based Data System

Advanced Node.js

  • Managing Project using package.json
  • Handling Packages from NPM repository
  • Node.js System Events
  • Lifecycle of Node.js based applications
  • File Management with using File System
  • Handling Network requests with http module

Activity: Creating Console-based Application

  • Database Structuring
  • Modeling Application
  • Handling Data
  • Handling User Input
  • Modifying File Records based on User Input
  • Outputing the Records

Debugging your Application

  • Traditional Methods to Debug your Code
  • Understanding Debugging
  • Catching Errors
  • Breaking Flow with Breakpoints
  • Chrome Debugger & Node Inspector

Developing Web Apps with Express.js

  • Getting Started with Express.js
  • Request, Response and Flow of Express Application
  • Routing
  • Middlewares in Express Framework
  • Sessions and Cookies

Securing your Express.js web applications

  • Adding Authentication
  • Implementation of Auth Guard on Routes
  • Blocking and Error Handling
  • Implementing CORS on Server

Templating your Web Apps – Handlebars

  • Integrating Handlbars in Express.js Application
  • Layouts
  • Partials
  • Passing data to templates

Handling Data with MySQL

  • Understanding SQL queries in models
  • Handling Database Connection with mysql plugins and wrappers
  • Database operations in Express application

Shifting paradigm with NoSQL – MongoDb

  • Difference between SQL and NoSQL
  • Connecting with MongoDB Database
  • Basic CRUD Operations in MongoDB application
  • Understaing MongoDB API in Node.js Application

Handling MongoDB Data with ORM – Mongoose

  • Understanding Object-Relational Mapping
  • Creating Schemas in Mongoose
  • Handling Data using Mongoose

Activity: Realtime Chat System –

  • Understaing Sockets in Node.js
  • Creating Web Socket Connections using
  • Building Basic Application Structure
  • Implementing Chatting System

Activity: Weather Rest API

  • Understading HTTP Verbs
  • Securing with JWT Authentication
  • Fundamentals of Rest APIs
  • Creating Controllers and Endpoints

Front End Web Applications with Modular Approach – Vue.js

  • Basics of Vue.js
  • Vue Instances
  • Tempalting
  • Computed Properties
  • Conditional Rendering
  • List Rendering
  • Event Handling
  • Components Basics
  • Observables

Activity: Creating Interactive Admin Dashboard with Vue.js

Activity: Creating Single-page Application using Vue.js

Developing Modern Rest APIs with GraphQL

  • Introduction to Apollo
  • Desiging Schema in SDL
  • Resolvers, Query, Mutations with GraphQL
  • CRUD operations with GraphQL in Vue.js

Code for future with Testing – UNIT Testing

  • Test your code before delivering it
  • Quality Ensure your application
  • Understanding Testing Methodologies and Approaches
  • Checking Testing Frameworks such as JEST and AVA
  • Reporting

Continuos Integration – CI Workflow

  • Understanding CI Tool
  • Automate your Build workflow
  • Integrating Testing System in CI
  • Production and Development Deployments
  • Getting Report

Version your Code – GIT

  • Understanding Versioning and GIT
  • Creating Account on Github
  • Basics of GIT Committing, Pulling and Pushing
  • Advnanced GIT operations such as branching, releasing, pull requests, etc

Activity: Desktop Application – Electron.js

  • Getting Started with Electron.js
  • Making your first application in Electron
  • Developing UI for Desktop Application
  • Bundling and Distributing your Electron Application

Activity: Web Scraping – Cheerio

  • Getting Started with Cheerio
  • Web Scraping Product Details from Various Websites

Activity: Cross Platform Mobile Application – Cordova

  • Getting Started with Cordova
  • Developing for Mobile Context
  • Developing Native Plugins for Cordova
  • Simulating and Testing your Cordova based mobile applications

Bonus: Managing Linux Based Server Systems

  • Deployment of your Node.js applications on Virtual Private Servers
  • Understanding Terminal
  • Command Line Interface in Linux based systems
  • SSH Access
  • Network Components such as DNS, DHCP, Firewall Management
  • Installing Requires Softwares, Services, Database Servers, etc
  • Managing Scheduled Tasks with Crontab

Bonus: Deploying your Node.js application on Heroku

  • Creating Heroku Account
  • Deploying Node.js Application on Heroku Servers

Bonus: Google Firebase Services

  • Firebase Authentication
  • Firebase Realtime Database

Bonus: Payment System – Stripe

  • Understanding Payment System
  • Managing Stripe Account
  • Subscription
  • Direct Payment System

Bonus: Intro to Docker and Deploying your application online – DevOps

  • Develop and Manager your Application in Docker based solution
  • Deploying Docker container and applications to Hosting Server

Instructor Hammad Asif
Track Duration 8 months
Class Duration 1.5 - 2 Hours

Class Schedules

Tue & Thu
4:00 PM

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Lump Sum Payment
Registration Fee Free
Fee 64000
3 Month Installments
Registration Fee 2000
Installment ( x3 ) 22400
6 Month Installments
Registration Fee 2000
Installment ( x6 ) 12800

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